Uptown is the 7th episode of the 9th season of In The Making.

Plot 1Edit

Scene one begins with Gary Gomez tapping his pen in science class, with him talking to himself in his head. Gary decided he wanted to get out of the class until the bell rang so he asked the teacher to go to the bathroom. Gary, excited and releaved, left, not prepared to come back for a while. Gary went into the bathroom, and saw the many broken locks on each stall, so he had to use the one in the middle that still had an unbroken lock. When he got in, he saw on the wall in red marker: "Gary is a queer." He tried to wipe it off, which failed. 

He noticed the handwriting looked familiar, and he angrily left the bathroom, not knowing who's handwriting it was. He looked across his row and saw a red marker on Gabriel Ramos' desk. The teacher assigned group work for the rest of the period. He went to go work with Gabriel to see his handwriting, and the handwriting matched. 

Gary asked Gabe if he wrote what he saw, and Gabe said that he was just playing around. Gary told Gabe that it was a messed up joke. Gabe replied asking what Gary knows about jokes. The guys around them said "Ohhhhh." Gary then said that the funniest joke he ever heard was the one Gabe's girl told him in bed last night. All of Gabe's friend yelled louder and started cracking up. Gabe got up, and pulled up his pants to make him look tough. Gabe told Gary to watch his mouth. Gary said he didn't want to, and he didn't have to. 


  • This episode marks the beginning of Gary and Gabriel's rivalry.