Romello Ramos (b. June, 1995 in Santo Dominigo, Dominican Republic) is a 12th grader at Revoc Vasquez Middle-High School (RVS). He is the older brother of Gabriel Ramos, who he gave his competitive spirit to. 

Character HistoryEdit


He has been known as a dilligent worker, and will do pretty much anything legal and a few things illegal to make money. He has also been known to have many slick tricks up his sleeve when it comes to hustling. He comes from a pure dominican catholic family.

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Appearance & StyleEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

He is rather skinny with just the right amount of muscle, and is rather on the tall side.

Clothing StyleEdit

He is usually seen wearing cargo pants with t-shirts, or American Eagle jeans. He also likes the style of Sprayground backpacks. 


  • He is a huge fan of Kirko Bangz. 
  • He favors rap and hip hop.