Gary Edgar Gomez (b. 1999) is a 9th grader (freshman) in RVS, and has been attending it since 6th grade. As he suffered from ADHD, he never let it distract him from doing what he loves. Which includes baseball, basketball, hip hop dancing and rapping. He is known for his intriguing style, which is a cross between a "Tumblr Boy" (Bape, Stussy, etc.) and "Common Bronx Boy" (American Eagle, Gucci, etc.). He is bitter enemies with Gabriel Ramos

Character HistoryEdit

Season 9Edit

In Uptown (1), he was in science class when he asked Mr. Pedriano if he could use the bathroom. He then went inside the only stall without a broken lock, and he saw in red marker: "Gary The Queer". Gary got angry, and spit on it, and tried to wipe it off. Which didn't work. He looked closely at the handwriting, and noticed it looked like Gabe's handwriting. 

During lunch, he went over to Gabe's table to ask him if he wrote what he saw, and Gabe said he did but he was joking. Gary got really mad and began cracking insults, which Gabe's friends instigated to. Gabe told him not to start something he couldn't finish. Gary said that Gabe couldn't do anything but sit back and see how a real guy does it, and then called Gabe "Hollywood." Gabe said "That's not what Cheyenne said last night." 


  • He is addicted to his celebrity crush: "Blac Chyna".
  • He was the first person in RVS to buy either pair of the Jordan Grape V's.
  • Gary claimed that his favorite rap verse of all time is Kendrick Lamar's verse in Big Sean's 'Control'.
  • His favorite rapper is A$ap Rocky.
  • He has only dated one girl in RVS.