There is a few things that were banned from In The Making's storyline. Episodes, concepts, and even characters.

Permanently Banned CharactersEdit

Jelly CakesEdit

Jelly cakes is a homosexual character that was taken off of both of the In The Making language versions because of his creepy and out of place idea of cross dressing. He was also taken off of the show because of his stereotypically gay way of acting. 

Temporarily Banned CharactersEdit

Carlos CabreraEdit

After the ending of Carlos Cabrera's storyline was posted as a suicide, he was taken off of the english dub. 

Permanently Banned EpisodesEdit

Dead and Gone (3)Edit

The miserable and morrid episodes: Dead and Gone (1) and (2) originally had a 3rd part where Harrison comes back to RVS to haunt it and kills everyone, and ending the series. After the writers of In The Making already decided that they didn't want to end the series, and they were complaint to for writing an over the deep end episode that was hated for being thought as creepy and scary. It was immediately was taken off the storyline, and replaced with "The Beast Inside Of Me".

Temporarily Banned EpisodesEdit

Dead and Gone 1/2 & 2/2Edit

Originally, even though the 3rd was a definate reject, the writers of ITM weren't completely sure about introducing suicide to the fans of the series. After they got the idea of what the suicide could do for Ej's storyline, they decided on releasing Harrison's suicide. However, after it was released, they were scared into deleting it for a few days, but luckily they didn't delete it off the storyline, and they put it back on the website a few days later.